PSOFT Pencil+ DEMO 3.1

Is a non-photorealistic shader plug-in for 3ds Max that produces pencil sketch
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Pencil 3 is a non-photorealistic shader plug-in for 3ds Max that produces pencil sketch-like strokes.
It produces images that look like pen drawings or color pencils as well as flat presentations similar to animation cels.

You can reproduce in 3D the distinctive art style of Japanese animation and illustrations.

The modifier functions newly introduced in Pencil 3 make it possible to create effects that are difficult to achieve in 3D, such as incorrect shading for solid objects or bold scenographic effects through extreme perspective deformations.

Pencil 's unique non-photorealistic expression is also useful to produce explanatory figures that help simplify and convey the main point of an explanation.

Also recommend it as a visualization tool or a motion graphic utility for product or graphic design.

Pencil 3 introduces high level perspective control, making it possible to create bold scenographic effects that look like hand drawn pictures.

It is possible to obtain wide-angle images with a 3DCG camera by using a short focal distance.

The result is a dynamic and intense image, but it also introduces problems such as warping the face of the character diagonally, etc.
With hand drawn images, fascinating shots that don't exhibit the problems of 3DCGs are possible by creating images that incorporate both bold perspectives and character visibility through perspective deformation.

With the Pencil 3 perspective deformation modifier, the perspective changes based on the distance to the camera to implement hand drawn like perspectives.

Also included are numerous convenient features allowing the creation of images that cannot be obtained with a standard camera, such as offsetting the camera's origin and vanishing point, etc.

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